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Live Earth Set to Rock for Change

  In order to pull the world together to confront issues that affect us on a global scale, one of the most successful methods of rallying people to a cause is through music. Live Aid/Band Aid, USA for Africa, Farm...

Google to be Carbon Neutral by Year's End

We’ve already discussed how Google and Intel have pledged their efforts to the green movement by launching the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.   Now comes word of Google promising to become carbon neutral by the end of the year.  ...

Don’t Bite that Apple

Apple is the one company that can do no wrong. If there is one weakness the company has it is lack of concern for the environment. At least according to this article, Apple is near the bottom of the list...

Carbon Footprint Secrecy

The issue of carbon footprint and the potential to be carbon neutral paired with using this information as a positive PR vehicle can be seriously hampered by a company’s need for secrecy. Google is not a huge fan of letting...

Google, Intel Drive Green Technology Initiative

Intel, Google and over 25 other organizations joined forces in pledging their support for the environment.   Together with the likes of Yahoo!, NEC, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and others, the group announced the formation of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative,...
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