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Going Green All the Way In Ontario

It is great to see that jurisdictions like the Canadian province of Ontario taking steps to encourage green practices and technology.As reported on TMCnet, the province's government will be introducing a sure-to-pass (Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberal party holds a majority in...

Canadian Government Funds Green Transportation (Including Telework) Initiatives

The Canadian federal government is taking the axiom of 'think globally, act locally' to heart by financing over a dozen local green transportation programs that range from cycling to shared-ride home, public transit, walking to school, and to telework.Here is...

Getting rid of the EW! (E-Waste)

Today is garbage and recycling day in my neighborhood. As I sort out the plastics, paper, and metals from the blue bin under our kitchen sink I am reminded why producer/seller-pay e-waste recycling programs like that just announced by the...
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