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Mining Environmental and Social Responsibility

Mining is one of the oldest industries there is and for good reason: the resources these firms extract are essential for practically every good and service we enjoy, directly and indirectly. There will continue to be mines for most elements...

Insist on Telework When Funding Highways and Transit: Attorney

There has been a lot of jawboning by government officials when it comes to telework as a green transportation alternative.While federally-funded programs insist that applicants examine no-build options like transportation demand management solutions like telework, the nasty truth is that...

The Green Side of Ontario's Proposed Handheld Device Law

There is an interesting side to the Province of Ontario's just tabled legislation that would restrict using handheld devices while driving: a provision that would allow informal carpools.The bill is actually called the 'Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation...
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