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Truly Going Green in Air Travel

I used to like flying but no longer. I now loathe even the thought of getting on a plane.A once-great experience has been turned into, well, the most appropriately named commercial aircraft is the "Airbus", which speaks volumes for it....

Getting rid of the EW! (E-Waste)

Today is garbage and recycling day in my neighborhood. As I sort out the plastics, paper, and metals from the blue bin under our kitchen sink I am reminded why producer/seller-pay e-waste recycling programs like that just announced by the...

MyFax Offers Fax Users a Choice

As we approach Earth Day 2008 (April 22), companies are increasingly striving to prove their green “street cred.”   Internet fax service provider MyFax, is enticing office fax users to get rid of their old fax machines by donating them...

Only 1 in 5 Recycle e-Waste Properly

The Daily Green is reporting that a scant 1 in 5 of us recycle old electronics.   Disappointing.   With many consumers upgrading to newer versions of their gear this holiday season, replacing existing gadgets such as TVs, monitors, cell...

Save the Planet... Recycle That Fax Machine!

  I just received a bit of information that details some of the simpler ways that an enterprise can go green.   Decreasing paper consumption is obviously environmentally friendly. (Does anyone remember the paperless office dream?)   Another obvious eco-friendly...
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