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SkyRider Gives One Reason To Skype Or Web/Videoconference

Give the airlines credit: unlike the automakers for whom greenwash is the order of the day, they and in turn the environment i.e. all of us benefit when they find ways to cut energy use. The lighter the weight, the...

Backup Green and Philanthropic Promises with Actions

Al Gore's book in the early 90s, "Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit," and Rich Tehrani of TMC's Green Technology World in September 2007 sparked a variety of responses: apathy, ridicule, inspiration, and action for many regarding...

Buy The Best or Greenest?

When it comes to IT should be green for the sake of the color or should we instead do what makes he most business sense? ComputerWorld has an interesting article on the topic and also delves into what happens when...
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