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Survey: Contact Centers Seeing Green

An “on the conference floor” survey of executives attending the CCA Annual Convention, conducted on behalf of Softlab, finds that contact centers are seeing green, much like their IT counterparts.   According to the survey authors:   Businesses across all...

Rackspace Survey: Businesses Willing to Pay More for Services from 'Green' Vendors

Consumers and businesses these days are paying more and more attention to the impact their actions have on the environment. The “green technology” segment of the “green” movement—and the topic of this blog—includes everything from fuel-efficient cars to software the...

Drink The Green Kool-Aid? Consumers Not Convinced

Despite overwhelming media attention, it seems many consumers are not buying in to the thinking that we are in environmental crisis mode. In fact, Yankelovich recently published research showing that only 34% (of a sample survey of 2,763 consumers) feel...
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