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Tandberg's FlyFree program

Air travel especially for business is an environment-killing, time-wasting, productivity-draining pain in the literal backside. If high costs, cramped seats, nonexistent food service that forces one to also juggle the grease-drenched so-called sustenance caked into landfill-bloating clamshell packaging, plus de...

To Go Green, Make Videoconferencing Affordable

Today's Globe and Mail newspaper has a great article written by Joanna Pachner on videoconferencing as a green technology. The article cites a December, 2008, report on "green IT" from Gartner Inc. points out that in some organizations, such as...

Goodbye, GM, Chrysler, Hello Green Alternatives

I live in a part of North America that is dependent on the auto industry and I am seeing it break down around me. Every day it seems the local media has a story on another layoff, if not of the...


As of the publication date of this interview with Codian’s Simon Downey, Norway-based video conferencing giant Tandberg announced that they are acquiring the high-definition (HD) video conferencing gear maker for $270 million in cash and stock. The deal, which...
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