Want More Energy For Computing? Burn Trash!

April 2, 2008
If your company has an extra $5,000 or so in its green technology budget, it might be worth considering a device the converts trash into energy with very minimal emissions. The device is called “the Gigapit,” and is made by startup Data Centigrade, Inc.
The Gigapit is small enough (the size of a small trash bin) to be installed in an office, where it works to turn trash into business-class energy, ByteandSwitch.com said in a Tuesday report. The minimal smoke produced can be piped into the “air pleneum”above the drop ceiling present in most offices, or out an open window.
“Depending on the type of waste being burned, a typical company can reduce its data center power bill by 20 to 40 percent in the first year,” ByeandSwitch.com quoted Data Centigrade’s CEO, Guy Montag, as saying. Fuel efficiency depends on what’s being burned, he added: "Paper isn't great. Food works a lot better. Pizza, burritos, pies — any of your pastry- or dough-based comestibles. Basically you just throw it all in there and ‘flame on!’”
The Gigapit is available direct from Data Centigrade for $4,995 each.

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Comments to Want More Energy For Computing? Burn Trash!

  1. NiraliSherni :

    How great is this! Get rid of the trash and generate electricity all at the same time! My only concern would be how much smoke would be produced by burning trash; although you say minimal, I cant help feeling somewhat skeptical that burning paper and waste food won't produce quite a bit of smoke.

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