Egypt's 3G Surprise

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Egypt's 3G Surprise

I arrived here for a customer event and there was no car traffic. I was surprised since I had heard how horrible it was. It turns out the country was virtually shut down when I arrived, since there was a World Cup qualifying match with Algeria going on. I have since understood well the traffic issues here, including how the lane lines are apparently there for "suggestion" purposes only.
3G is also making big inroads here - I saw signs advertising 3G quite often. I'm very pleased with my 3G network coverage. I'm getting it from Vodafone most of the time, but have also periodically roamed to MobiNil. During my talk at the customer event, I went to Facebook to showcase a "Send SMS" application and it worked marvelously.
I also went to the pyramids. They are the highest structures around, as you may expect, and I understand the Great Pyramid was the largest structure on earth until the Eiffel Tower was built. On top of one of them, I noticed a metal structure. Wow, I really hope it's not a cell tower!

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