Doin' the HD in Washinton, D.C.

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Jim Machi

Doin' the HD in Washinton, D.C.

Last week, some members of the HD Connect group went to Washington, DC to trumpet the advent of HD. We just wanted to get HD voice known and understood to some people down there. While we couldn't say hello to President Obama, since he was busy accepting his Nobel Peace Prize, we did meet with some interesting folks.
We definitely took some first steps toward broadening the community of understanding of HD voice. Jeff Rodman of Polycom was the demo-master and tirelessly did his impressive 50-second demo over and over. The clarity of sound is quite impressive, and this will help all kinds of voice applications from conferencing and health care to emergency services and just regular conversations, since HD voice allows you can get a much better feel even for the intonations of the speaker. 
The day concluded with HD Connect getting a table at the 23rd annual FCBA Chairman's Dinner. The football field-sized ballroom at the Washington Hilton was packed. And when Chairman Genachowski spoke, I felt like I was in the upper deck at Giants stadium -- he seemed that far away.

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