The Geeks Converge and Hear About HD

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The Geeks Converge and Hear About HD

Last week, I attended the Consumer Electronics Show to speak on the HD Voice Summit panel. My first impression of CES was frustration given it was just impossible to get broadband bandwidth from my hotel during "normal" hours. Too many geeks, like me, in one place, at one time, trying to do e-mail. Since I remained on Eastern time, I did manage to get some things done in the morning.
At any rate, most of the participants during the day were in one form or another either endpoint manufacturers or service providers. I was one of the few infrastructure providers so that is what I talked about -- the convergence of the enterprise and service provider networks. Typically gateways and border controllers are placed there. As HD proliferates, in order to guarantee end to end wideband audio for UC to mobile calls, we're going to need to transcode enterprise HD codecs to/from carrier HD codecs. For instance, we have RT-Audio and Silk and G.722.1 and G.722.2 (AMR-WB) that will need to be transcoded from one to another at this enterprise boundary edge. There are many other complexities as well such as the signaling that will need to be worked, especially as you interact with a mobile network. These are all workable items.

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