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The Little Graph That Could

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On March 9th, Dialogic sponsored a TMC webinar titled, "The Year of HD." If you missed it, you can listen to the archive by going in and registering. During the webinar, the following question was asked: "What Statement about HD Voice do you agree with most?" While everyone on the call didn't vote, more than enough people voted to make this graph valid.

You can see the results in the graph above. I was surprised to see that 22% of voters said that HD Voice was "A feature that I would be willing to pay more for."   I think the service providers would be interested in talking anyone who responded with this answer! As readers of my blog know, at some point during each day, I talk utilizing an HD Voice codec and the sound quality is noticeably better. But I still take the position that carriers that are not number 1 or 2 in their markets will take advantage of a feature like HD Voice to put pressure on the incumbents by offering it at the same plan rate as non-HD Voice. It will help these service providers drive subscribers up. So in that way, yes, it's "just another way for service providers to increase revenue" since they'll have more subscribers.
I also agree with the 60% statement saying, "a feature that should be standard by 2011." Maybe not everywhere in the world, but I expect that HD Voice will be deployed in various networks and that it will be a standard RFP reply in that timeframe. Dialogic certainly expects to be selling HD Voice enabled media servers and gateways in 2011.

As a follow-up to this webinar, Dialogic will also be hosting a 2nd HD Voice themed webinar on April 14th. While the first webinar was more of an overview, this upcoming webinar brings video into the HD Voice picture so as to paint a more interesting interactive communications experience. If you are interested, please register for this webinar.

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