5G is Here!!

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5G is Here!!

Today is April Fool's Day, and I wanted to write my blog about the wonders of 5G. I was going to describe a 5G installation in Tibet and I was going to describe 100 gigabit/second speeds, how a bazillion gigabyte file downloaded in less than 5 seconds, and wireless backhaul from mountaintop to mountaintop.

The reason I picked Tibet was because when I was in my early 20's I remember reading a classic April Fool's article in Sports Illustrated about Sidd Finch, a pitcher for the New York Mets who could supposedly throw over 125 miles per hour, if not more.  I was pysched but soon figured out this was an April Fool's joke!  If I remember correctly, the Mets found Finch in Tibet.   So Tibet would be the perfect place for this.
Anyway, before I started writing my blog, I figured I better check on 5G so I googled it. Holy Cow! There is a www.5gwireless.com site already. There is nothing in it, but obviously someone thinks there will be soon enough.  And I found an article relating to Korea developing 5G. Again, there are no specifics but sure enough, Korea will do it first! It says so there!
Let's just move to 6G from 4G.

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