Doesn't Everyone Know What FoIP Is?

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Jim Machi

Doesn't Everyone Know What FoIP Is?

SR140FaxSoft.jpgApparently not, as evidenced by this interview that Carl Ford did with me at CTIA a couple of months ago. If you go to the end of the interview, this is where Carl asks me about Fax over IP and is genuinely surprised, in a positive way, that the community calls this FoIP. Yes, Carl, and I've even seen Data over IP referred to as DoIP. 

But that fact that Carl asked me about fax shows he does understand that the fax business is alive and well. Yes, email communications impacted some forms of faxing, but faxing is still important in ordering, health care communications, and in industries where record keeping is key. And leading the fax charge are solutions based on FoIP. Statistics show that FoIP is indeed growing. So keep on faxin.'

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