HD Voice: What's Not to Like?

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HD Voice: What's Not to Like?

A few days ago I wrote about the growth path of HD voice and how some people think it's growing faster than expected, and some people think it's growing slower than expected.  There is definitely a lot of hype about HD Voice, which leads me to believe it is growing pretty fast. 
Orange UK recently announced that they will be trialing HD voice across several major UK cities.  Their initial trails, which were done in Moldova, had positive feedback. People claimed that the new HD service was clearer, eliminating background noise and making voices more distinct and more natural sounding - like being in the same room as the person you're on the phone with!  I can only imagine how HD voice will improve business processes.  It will be great for long conference calls, and for calls that have several participants with different accents.  I'm sure we've all been on calls where we have to struggle to understand what's being said...hopefully HD voice will solve these kinds of problems, making communication smoother and increasing productivity!
At any rate, it will be interesting to see what the results are of the HD voice trials in the UK.  If they're positive, Orange plans to go ahead with a UK-wide deployment before the end of the summer.  I have a feeling people will be really happy with HD voice and the growth path will continue upward.  Once I get my HD capable phone at work, I'll let you know how it works for me.


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