Bridging 3G and 4G Services in Budapest

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Bridging 3G and 4G Services in Budapest

As I wrote in my last blog, last week I was in Budapest.  Budapest is a great place.  Turns out some time ago, there were two different cities on the banks of the Danube – one called Pest and one called Buda.  They were then unified to create a single city called….drum roll please…Budapest!  I guess Pestbuda just didn’t cut it.  And once you know that, then you’ll understand there is a famous bridge connecting the two sides.

I have to say, I was generally displeased with the 3G service in Budapest given there was a frustrating tendency for that service to either kick off voice services while continuing with data services, or stop service altogether.  This happened with me a few times and I had to shut off my Blackberry and take the battery out to fix it.  I don’t know if I’m having a problem with my device as this never happened before, but I don’t think so since I know this happened to at least one other US based person.  When I got to Germany on my return back to the States, I was fine.  I guess time will tell if this is a device problem or something that some specific network quirk imparts into the device.

If it is some weird network issue, I figure this will only be fixed when the next new services come.  I also checked into when 4G services might be coming to Hungary.  Turns out the government has announced that an auction will occur (Telenor and Vodafone are the leading wireless operators in Hungary), though there seem to be no firm plans I could find about when these actions will actually occur. However, Budapest was such a nice place, and I do have the 3G fix (take the battery out and totally reboot the phone) I hope I return there before 4G service is available! 

And yes, I learned the reboot thing in engineering school.  That and, “is the power on?” fixes half the issues.

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