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Mobile Coupons

In my last blog, I described a location-based advertisement example with an example of a coupon for your morning coffee.  It got me thinking about that status of mobile coupons.

The first thing I did was see what was going on in the web about this.  The Mobile Marketing Association offers
a good overview of Mobile Coupons and how they work. And predictably, there is a website called Mobile (  If you visit the site, you can see, as a consumer, the coupons that might apply to you in your area.  Additionally, I found a site that businesses can go to to go to if they wanted to offer these coupons.  And last but not least, there is a site called Yowza!! that combines coupons for both consumers and businesses.  You get the message – it kind of goes on.


Which got me to thinking – if there was so much on the web about mobile coupons, is this market ready for prime time now?  I’m betting that this is more advanced in Korea and Japan given some of the mobile phone use cases I’ve seen, so the next time I visit there I will check back on this.  And in the US, at least Forrester Research and Borrell Associates think the growth is still ahead of us.  This all makes total sense to me.

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