Using Your Phone to Help with Comparison Shopping

For the past few years, I’ve enjoyed Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving in the US when the best shopping sales are) from the relative safety of my computer.  For yes, even the Black Friday deals are found on the internet.  But I did venture out.  And amid the chaos, as I stood around waiting for my wife to find something, I noticed someone else doing something seemingly very strange.  Someone was taking a picture of a barcode with her phone.  And moved on to another item and did the same thing.  This time I ventured in.  She simply said “Price Check” and pointed to her iPhone and then hurried along.

While I don’t have an iPhone, my wife does.  So yes indeed, there is an app called Amazon Price Check.  And we downloaded it.  But alas, she has an “old” iPhone and it said that the resolution on the camera wouldn’t scan barcodes.  I guess that only works for the iPhone 4.  But the app said you could take a picture of the item and then the app would go look for it.  But we tried a few things and that didn’t work either.  You can also “talk” to it and the app then goes and looks for what you said.  We tested “watch” and 144,000 watches came up.  Kind of too many to look through, but it worked and it worked fast!  My wife then started zeroing in on a type of watch and it also worked.  I was getting kind of nervous though since I noticed as she narrowed the field, the prices reciprocated by going up!  Maybe this isn’t so good!  It’s too late, I’m defeated.

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