From Opportunity to Reality!

If you read my last three blogs, then you know that there are a number of ways that mobile networks can be monetized, and this provides a tremendous opportunity for service providers.  However, we must all play a role in the monetization of these networks and the entire ecosystem in order for them to fully reach their potential.

How can Dialogic help, you ask?

As I’ve mentioned, mobile networks are delivering entertainment and information to an ever-widening world eager to connect quickly and seamlessly. Dialogic focuses on the promise of this technology and today, networks using Dialogic technology carry more than fifteen billion minutes of traffic per month, and services built on Dialogic products are used by an estimated two billion mobile subscribers worldwide!  In terms of the monetization techniques I touched on in my last few blogs, Dialogic can help in the following ways:

  • Dialogic provides our worldwide customer base with media server, media gateway and signaling server technology so that they can create value-added service solutions ranging from messaging, to entertainment, to mobile commerce to network connectivity.  Our worldwide customer base creates innovative and revenue-producing value-added service applications that they sell to service providers.  Increasingly, these services are becoming video enabled so our media server, signaling, and gateway product lines incorporate the video technology required to build a video mobile service.
  • Dialogic also enables mobile video advertising solutions, also through our ecosystem of value-added service customers.Our video products and technologies enable image and text insertion.
  • Dialogic also has both core network and backhaul network optimization technologies and products that enable the most capacity to reside on given bandwidth.  Customer testimonials indicate a 50% bandwidth savings with backhaul network traffic.
  • Dialogic is also playing a key role in video quality of experience.   Dialogic Media Labs, with a mission to focus on R&D related to mobile video, has created technologies that allow measurement and comparison of the video stream at the source and at the device, so that quality of experience can be known and potentially appropriate actions taken in the on.jpg

There are endless opportunities when it comes to monetizing mobile networks – Dialogic has a lot to offer to make these opportunities a reality!


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