ITW and an iPad App

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ITW and an iPad App

Last week, I attended the International Telecoms Week (ITW) in Washington, DC.  It’s a very interesting and unique show for the global wholesale telecommunications community to essentially trade minutes.  They do this at what they call “bilateral tables,” which are, well, tables where one party sits on one side and the other party sits on the other side.  And there are rows and rows of these bilateral tables throughout the venue.

 I heard more languages spoken at this show than in any other place I’ve ever been.  And I even heard yelling in these languages at these bilateral tables as the business deals were taking place smiley-smile.  It was a fascinating experience for me.

Dialogic was a sponsor at ITW, given the fact that our softswitch and service provider gateway customers attend this show.  So it’s similar to MWC in that respect, since it’s a great way for us to see many of our customers at one time.

This was also the first time I used a “show app.”  I downloaded it to my iPad and here is a screenshot I took of the app as the show was concluding.  Since the show was spread out a bit, it was very useful to find companies, or find meeting rooms, using the “company” and “floor plans” apps.   The local guide part was also useful in finding out exactly how far I was from Georgetown, where I went to dinner one evening.  So all in all, a useful app and I’m sure as I attend other shows, I’ll start using these “show apps” more.  And as more and more people start using these apps, then I’m sure the sponsorship fees for sponsoring the app will also rise. smiley-smile


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