The Internet and FoIP and Fax in the Clouds

Faxing is alive and well these days.  The movement of Fax over IP similar to the movement of Voice over IP is occurring.  Fax over IP (FoIP) is a growing trend, expecting to be a $415M business in 2014,
according to Davidson Consulting

It may be amazing to some readers that faxing still occurs.  But it does in a business environment.  For instance, at my workplace, we get a spam fax every single day from a deli saying what their specials are for that day.  Unfortunately, it’s for a deli that is 100 miles away!  But seriously, quoting pricing and order confirmations still occur this way in certain businesses.  Some financial institutions use them as well.  And legal and health companies still use fax too.  Part of the reason is institutional process, but part of the reason is these companies want to make sure delivery occurred.  And this is the reason for the FoIP growth cited above.

So FoIP is out there - what happens next?  While some CIOs have adopted communications services in the cloud faster than others, and already have cloud-based unified communications and/or PBX environments going, many CIOs are a bit more reluctant to put communications services in the cloud. And if you are one of them, then putting your fax capability in the cloud might be a good first step.  After all, at this point in time, telecom and fax in particular is probably a non-core area of expertise for you.  So taking fax first into a cloud environment, still keeping your existing fax infrastructure in place until you are happy with the results, is something to consider.  In the long run, outsourcing a non-core area is probably the way to go, and starting with fax if you are unsure might be a good first step.

OpenText held a Global Fax Summit last week in Tuscon.  The agenda was full of FoIP items and there was a session about hosted fax services.  OpenText introduced a hosted fax data center in North America this past January and currently has this hosted fax service available in over 27 markets.  This service has the same feature parity with CPE based RightFax, is real-time fax, and has dedicated servers and secure VPN to customer premises. 

My point is, it’s available from OpenText as well as
Biscom, Faxcore and others.
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