The Land (and soon to be land) of the Mobile Internet

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The Land (and soon to be land) of the Mobile Internet

Last week I visited Japan and China.  Japan truly is the land of the mobile internet, as pretty much all 120M mobile subscribers are on 3G now, with something like 25% of mobile subscribers expected to be on LTE by 2015.  It’s interesting having great mobile internet connections.  One of my colleagues was using an iPhone and got great connectivity, at faster rates than he was used to in the US.   He was pumped!

However, I did not have this same experience.  Nor did another colleague I was with.  We had issues with requests to websites saying “this request is denied.”  Huh?  We’re in Tokyo where there is great 3G service!!  I needed to find out if the Giants and Jets won!!  Very frustrating, and I do not know exactly why this occurred ---- but we both have Blackberries.  And that outage is supposedly over??  For us it will be soon, one way or another…

Tokyo seems to have recovered well from the natural disasters.  But reminders are around, such as signs in buildings that they are still on energy conservation measures.  And it was pointed out to me that the iconic Tokyo Tower has a noticeable “bend” on top of it, presumably from some kind of whiplash effect from the earthquake. 

As usual, I had a great time in Tokyo visiting both the city and our customers!

china showcase.jpg

I then moved on to China, where 3G is growing and where LTE has been committed to for a future timeframe.   In Beijing, the 3G service, for me at least, was fine.   Apple-mania rules here, so in no time, I’m sure they’ll be experiencing mobile bandwidth issues as the smartdevices proliferate.

In China, we launched our China Solution Showcase.  The Solution Showcase is getting many hits overall, which is great news since there are many innovative solutions out there Built on Dialogic.

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