Smartphones and Aliens: Why Does This Not Compute?!

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Jim Machi

Smartphones and Aliens: Why Does This Not Compute?!

Given Halloween was just yesterday, and some Aliens came to my door to get candy, it got me thinking…

When you look at the picture below, the takeaway should be – WOW, there are A LOT of smartphones in the United States.

mobile chart.jpgKeep this fact is in your head.  You may also know that seemingly most UFO sightings occur in the United States.  In fact, there are multiple websites to be found on this topic.  I found this one here, and it even has a daily sighting record.  I read back like 10 days.  There are sighting records for sure.  It’s on the internet, so it must be true.

I wonder, though, given all the smartphones, and that fact that smartphones have cameras, and given the seeming preponderance of these sightings, why don’t we actually get pictures of these sightings?  Something like this, perhaps? 

Not even in the National Enquirer.  Why not?  I’m anxiously waiting.  I can’t believe the aliens would put forth some kind of force that would render the cameras nonfunctional, but even if they knew they were getting photographed and did such a thing, I’m sure Apple would have put in a product feature requirement to find a way to get around that.    So bring on that picture.

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