Scoring Last Year's Predictions! Oh No!

Last year, I made 5 predictions for 2011.  Let’s be honest and see how I did?


1. It will become more of an everyday occurrence that people find the benefit and joys of using WiFi offload instead of utilizing the 3G data path.

Score:  Probably right, though not to the extent I had envisioned since even if you are in WiFi range, if you have to pay extra for it, it’s not going to happen.  People will continue to use the 3G data path.  However, I do see people with iPads and iPhones going right to WiFi if they’re in a convention center, or airport, or something like that where there is free WiFi available.

2. The last all-TDM PBX will ship!  And as a bonus note, Microsoft will actually keep the name of Lync for at least 2011

Score:  Not quite on the TDM PBX, but I was just making a point.  It will be soon.  And yes, Microsoft hasn’t yet changed the name of Lync.

3. iPads will overrun the enterprise, even though outside of being a bigger email reader, they really aren’t the greatest office tool.

Score:  There are a lot of iPads, but people have typically bought them on their own, and they are asking to get them connected to the corporate IT environment since they are great at consuming content, such as email.  So they haven’t overrun the enterprise as far as I can see, as corporate management I think is smart enough to realize, at least for now, that iPads are hard to create content with.  However, I have heard of some companies giving these out to employees!  


4. Consumers will accept video advertising to their mobile devices, just as they accept advertising on their TV.  It will no longer be seen as an intrusion.  Led by the over the top service providers such as Google and Facebook, this will become “natural.”

Score:  Not quite yet.  I really thought we’d see some big time monetization activities via mobile advertising.  It continues to move forward at a certain pace, but not an accelerated pace.


5. Cloud Computing will drop down out of the hype cycle but continue its steady growth.  Known by other names such as ‘ASPs’ and ‘hosting’ in the past, cloud computing sounds cooler and got some press and now even has its own TV commercials in the US.  Some other thing will get hyped and move into syperhype mode as cloud computing migrates into the background to begin its real growth forward.

Score: It has begun its real growth forward.  But it’s still in hype mode (simply count how many Cloud webinars you are invited to EVERY WEEK) and it has not moved into the background.  Maybe that’s for 2012!  My predictions for 2012 will be here in a week.

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