Mobile Video Conferencing and IT Expo

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Mobile Video Conferencing and IT Expo

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IT Expo East was held last week in Miami.

One thing I like to do at shows is to figure out if there is a clear theme or not.  Sometimes there is, and sometimes there isn’t.  I would say this year, one of the themes at IT Expo East was mobile video.  The Dialogic booth had a mobile video conferencing demo (video conference tablets, smartphones, laptops – any broadband endpoint) that was busy much of time, and others at the show were also demonstrating aspects of mobile video.  Additionally, there were multiple sessions that touched on video conferencing.  The panel I was part of had a full audience and very good audience interaction around this topic.  We talked about some of the issues, but also talked about how adding video, or visuals of some sort, to an IVR or to conferencing enhances the overall experience.

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