Mobile Video Quality of Experience, Part 3

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Mobile Video Quality of Experience, Part 3

In last week’s blog, I discussed a new way that video quality can be measured, i.e. measuring perceptual quality of experience.  This week, I am going to build on that idea, and talk about the benefits that this type of measurement can have to operators.  For starters, once an operator can validate the perceptual quality for a specific piece of video content, the operator can increase revenue through a wide range of offers, including subscriptions or pay-per-view.

Measurement of perceptual quality also enables a provider to better manage bandwidth in order to offer tiered services.  They can offer higher-priced, higher-quality services for those who want it, while also being able to cut back on packet flow for consumers who want video capabilities, but are not so concerned about quality to justify – in their minds – paying extra for it. This type of management also enables providers to offer “freemiums”-- trials of higher quality transmissions for a set period, perhaps 30 days, then to dial back if the user decides not to accept the higher fee for higher quality, or to continue to offer the higher quality video to consumers who will pay for it beyond the free trial period.

Additionally, operators who use a system that provides for proper coding (which involves checking videos before they are streamed or downloaded to make sure they appear properly on different devices) and confirm perceptual quality throughout transmission can benefit in ways that include:


  • Being able to use perceptual video quality measurements to verify that stored video content is accurately encoded before being streamed
  • Proving compliance with Service Level Agreements. Measurements can show that a particular video reached a particular device with a particular level of quality, in accordance with agreement requirements.
  • Obtaining additional advertising revenue because advertisers are more willing to commit to video content.
  • Improving premium content for their video service offerings. As quality levels improve, more providers will be motivated to make their content widely available. And the more premium content that is available, the higher subscription rate the providers can command.

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