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HD Voice Status

It’s been a while since I reported on the status of mobile HD Voice. Wideband voice codecs, which double the audio frequency spectrum encoded, are important since they give new clarity to talking on the phone. I’ve spoken to colleagues with wideband codecs on enterprise networks and it makes a huge difference.   If you don’t believe me, watch this video on YouTube.

The GSA released
their latest report on February 20th. You can register to download it if you are currently not registered.

Basically, since the service was first commercially launched in 2009, HD Voice is now available in 39 mobile networks in 31 countries along with dozens of phones
as well.  It is clearly picking up steam.  Sadly, it has not been rolled out in the United States and my guess is it will come when VoLTE comes.

If you want to get the latest up to the day or even minute news on HD Voice, then, well, go to HD Voice News.   http://hdvoicenews.com/.
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