Mobile World Congress 2012 Themes

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Mobile World Congress 2012 Themes

Mobile World Congress was last week.  And while I was personally busy (see below) I did have time to check out the show and notice some key themes.

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1.  There was quite a bit of hype about “User Experience.”  Dialogic has been speaking about this for some time, and in fact, our theme at MWC was about our ability to improve the Mobile Experience.  The mobile industry is quickly realizing that the people who use all this mobile data and mobile video need to have a good experience.  Or else, they will not pay.

  Devices, Devices, Devices.  These guys now have the gigantic booths and the lines.  I waited in line for a few minutes to get to the new Samsung devices for instance.   Back in the day, I remember seeing Racks, Racks, Racks.  But now the pendulum has swung to the users.  And while devices were important when racks were being displayed, the infrastructure is still important today!

  Wireless access to the Cloud.


4. Didn’t see much on LTE.  I guess that’s already old.  I saw someone messaging about 5G already though.  Obviously some marketing genius at work.

There's also more coming to the fore about the over-the-top guys not paying their fair share.  I will have more to say about this in a few weeks.

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