Backhaul Optimization Technology Even in the Ethernet Backhaul World

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Backhaul Optimization Technology Even in the Ethernet Backhaul World

Last week I talked about mobile backhaul and optimization of the backhaul playing a key role going forward. Another item to consider with backhaul is the movement of backhaul from TDM to Ethernet. There is significant movement in this space going on right now, with Ethernet growing and TDM declining as you would expect. And this trend will clearly keep going as the wireless industry moves to 4G/LTE.

Additionally, this large market and shift to Ethernet backhaul has attracted the attention of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), who have announced Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and their
“Mobile Backhaul Initiative.Essentially, Carrier Ethernet 2.0 enables multiple classes of service over interconnected networks. So in an Ethernet backhaul environment, one could potentially give backhaul a high class of service. According to the MEF, this could result in 25% backhaul savings for mobile operators.

So how would backhaul optimization and Multi-CoS co-exist? Just fine, because in a certain class of service, one could still optimize the traffic flowing through it. If the MEF estimates a 25% backhaul savings, then optimizing what is in a higher class of service would yield even more backhaul savings. Clearly these techniques would and should co-exist. I closed my last blog with the following sentence and I’ll close this blog with the same sentence again. It all adds up to mobile backhaul optimization technologies playing a key role in ensuring that mobile data growth continues unabated.

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