Ubiquitous Video Calling - Myth or Reality?

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Ubiquitous Video Calling - Myth or Reality?

We all have the same expectations when we place a phone call – it’s going to work and go through. Not going through doesn’t even enter your mind. Whether it’s the landline in your house calling another house or a mobile phone, or the business phone calling another business phone or a mobile phone, you just pick up the phone and dial - and it works. That’s just how it is.

Now put yourself into the realm of making a
video phone call. Some of us have done this, even if we only used Skype or Facetime. Yet with Skype or Facetime, there is a little trepidation about whether it will go through – is there enough bandwidth available to complete the call? If you make a video phone call with a mobile phone, clearly there would be uncertainty about completing the call successfully. And if you make a video business call outside of your company’s IP network, you just don’t know. And can you even leave a video mail if the person isn’t there?

Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC), which Dialogic is a member of, is aiming to resolve these issues. A June 6th press release from the OVCC highlighted the latest status and referred to “Fall 2012” as when initial OVCC compliant services will occur. “The OVCC blueprint and best practices for multi-network video calls will remove the burden of technical details like network interoperability and service coordination from the enterprise so business users can focus on business”, said Andrew McFadzen, president of the OVCC.

So, although we’re not quite there yet, we are getting there. I liken this to the early days of VoIP - just think where we are today. So if that’s the case, then clearly we will be making
video calls anytime on all networks, smartphones and other video supported devices, soon enough. And when this comes, then the value-added services that go along with “calls” will also soon come. Above, I simply highlighted a video based voice mail as one of these basic services. But that’s just one.

Here is a nice OVCC created video to watch.  It’s only 3 minutes so just watch it!
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