Blogging and Tweeting and Writing, Oh No!

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Blogging and Tweeting and Writing, Oh No!


Some of you may have noticed that a few weeks ago I entered the realm of tweeting. Some may ask “what took you so long?” Some may have just said to themselves, “You gotta be kidding me.” Well, to the point about what took you so long, it was really about making sure I would be able to follow through. If I do something, I want to make sure I will do it and I was worried about carrying through on the commitment. I already blog once per week like clockwork, and I frequently write articles on top of my “regular” job, so I was reluctant to enter the realm of Shaq, Kim Kardashian and the like. 

But people have been asking me to do this, and it does give me an opportunity to comment more frequently, pass along interesting info I might come across in my daily job, or even comment on something funny that might happen at work. In the past two weeks, you should have seen these themes already emerge (I hope!).

If you are interesting in also following my tweets, I’m @JMachiDialogic. 

An easy way to follow me would be to click on the Twitter icon while reading the blog.

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