Baseball, America's Other Favorite Pastime (Besides Using Mobile Devices)

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Baseball, America's Other Favorite Pastime (Besides Using Mobile Devices)

For many of us in the United States and Canada, the changing of seasons and the falling of leaves signifies the return of the Fall Classic. The World Series in baseball concluded one day before the Frankenstorm descended on the Eastern part of the US (and since I’m just getting internet access back today, I’m posting this late!), and the San Francisco Giants beat the Detroit Tigers to win the Commissioner’s trophy. If you couldn’t watch it at your home or at a sports bar, I hope you streamed it to your mobile device with MLB’s At Bat 12 application!

Here at Dialogic, we decided to get into the World Series spirit a few weeks ago, when we ran a contest for a one of a kind Dialogic Baseball.

dialogic baseball web small.jpg

We used our social media channels to ask users how we could improve our website and we ended up getting quite a few good responses.  We never really ran a contest like this before, but based on the success of the first one, we may consider doing more in the future, so be on the lookout!

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