Mobile World Congress 2013 in Full Swing

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Mobile World Congress 2013 in Full Swing

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I’m writing this blog after my first day at Mobile World Congress 2013.  While the new venue doesn’t really have the charm of the old place, and you now have to get on a hot sweaty train to get there (if you haven’t been to Tokyo and wanted to experience the trains, no need to do that now!) it is big, has the same food and food lines as the last place and once you are in the halls it all looks the same. And the flights in were the same as every single person on the plane was basically in Boarding Group 1.  Yep, definitely the same show.

However, some unique characteristics of the old place like the beautiful views, the ease of getting there from downtown and the charm of the “avenue” are now gone.  You might as well be in any big venue.  I’m sure people said the same thing when this event moved out of the south of France years ago.  Anyway, what did I see on my first day?

Well, on the first day of MWC13 I was pretty wall to wall with meetings, mostly about Dialogic’s “any to any” products and about WebRTC.   This all bodes well for us.  Many more meetings to come! 

I did have about an hour and a half free, so I took a walk.  As expected there is much about LTE messaging. And as I suspected, the interoperability aspects of the LTE networks are coming to the fore.

There is a lot about mobile congestion and solutions to resolve this.  Hey, no need to talk to “them” as we do that J! 

There is also a lot about handsets.  I feel like they are literally falling out of the sky.

So far I just made it to Hall 2, some of Hall 7 and some of Hall 5 and walked through the main parts of Hall 3, 4, and 6.  Three days to go though so have no fear I will make it through all of them!   Next week, I will write a more full report about what I saw at MWC.

If you are around and want to talk, stop by our Hospitality Suite at Hall 2, stand 61.  Or come by our pavilion on the floor in Hall 5, stand D54 and see some Dialogic SBC and WebRTC demos, as well as demos from our partners Kirusa, Crealog and Apex.


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