"How Does Dialogic Fit In with WebRTC?"

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"How Does Dialogic Fit In with WebRTC?"

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This blog represents the last of the series of questions we received from attendees of our February 20th WebRTC webinar.  Quite a few of the questions we received during the webinar asked about Dialogic products that could be used to build WebRTC solutions, along with general questions on making the technology work for various use cases.  One solution our customers have found valuable is the  PowerMedia XMS, which is a software media server and IP multimedia system (IMS) media resource function (MRF).  Since WebRTC is poised to dramatically lower the barriers to rich multimedia communication sessions across so many use cases, we believe that WebRTC adoption will drive demand for the scalable, mixed media environment for audio and video. That’s what PowerMedia XMS was designed to deliver.  Happily, that view is being borne out by early solution and service provider engagements seeking a media server with built-in WebRTC support, which we’ll start delivering over the next few months to support their development projects, demos, proof of concept (POC) projects and pilots.

Whether in private networks, next-generation networks (NGNs), IMS or across new IPX and LTE networks, the voice phone call is getting ready to yield communication dominance to the rich communication session, from simple presence and chat thru rich multi-party, multimedia sharing experiences. The enabling applications and corresponding solutions will need on-demand media services in the networks to facilitate this, and PowerMedia XMS will be there to deliver. Dialogic fits in to this evolution by helping our customers deliver WebRTC solutions and services.   

Come to our booth at the WebRTC Conference and Expo or listen to my keynote there on June 27th to hear more.  I look forward to it.

Note: On February, 20th, Dialogic in conjunction with TMC webinars, ran a WebRTC webinar.  In terms of number of both registrants and attendees, it was one of the most successful webinars we ever did.  The webinar ran 15 minutes over and we were not able to get to some of the key questions that came in at the end.  We could have gone literally another hour.   This blog is part of a 5 part blog series to get to the top 5 unanswered questions from that webinar.




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