The Evolution of International Telecoms Week (ITW)

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The Evolution of International Telecoms Week (ITW)

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ITW, as described on its website is “the annual meeting point for the wholesale telecommunications community and offers various networking opportunities through meeting rooms, an integrated exhibit and bilateral table area, numerous breakfasts, lunches and cocktail receptions and provides a wide range of conference sessions for attendees to benefit from.”

This market is evolving. ITW was historically about DM interconnect minutes. But now, VoIP minutes and wireless minutes are becoming increasingly important. As such, IP Packet Exchange (IPX) is important to this audience since it enables mobile network operators, fixed line operators and application service providers to seamlessly interoperate with each other.

VoIP minutes are also increasingly important. VoIP brings different kinds of codec combinations, including video. Wireless brings other kind of codecs. So, the ability for the SBC to handle rich media well is critical. Many SBCs don’t do that today. And since policy and routing are important topics for this audience, a “regular” SBC just doesn’t cut it here. A combination of SBC and switch in an IP environment is also critical to service the new needs of the wholesale carrier attendees.

ITW has been an excellent event for Dialogic over the years. Many of our customers attend, and we will again be there this year. Dialogic has the expertise and products to address the rich media and integrated IP policy and routing needs that come from IP and wireless minutes, and we’re confident in our ability to continue to support the needs of the ITW audience. So, please come and see us if you will be there at meeting room # 4130.



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