WebRTC Expo Aftermath: Too Many Phone Calls, Not Enough Innovation

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WebRTC Expo Aftermath: Too Many Phone Calls, Not Enough Innovation

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Dialogic spent  the last week of June at the first-ever WebRTC Conference and Expo in Atlanta. The conference attendees had a lot of energy and excitement around WebRTC. It was reminiscent of the early VON shows from the late 90’s when voice over network was still a new technology.

I gave a keynote at the conference about enabling Value Added Services via the use of a WebRTC-enabled media server. From my experience in this industry, I know that tying technology to services beyond just making phone calls or video calls will be key to the full acceptance of WebRTC.  Failure to make the connection between VAS and a new technology like WebRTC will effectively stunt the ecosystem, and then we really won’t be able to fully monetize the WebRTC technology.  Without tying WebRTC to services, the technology is simply about reducing costs, which is important, but there has to be more than just OPEX reduction messaging for it to really take off.

I had hoped to see some good value-added services examples at the show, and I figured the time for the “services” message had arrived. There were a couple of companies like Dialogic who did some video collaboration demos, which were interesting. However, there were too many product demos that simply showed phone calls, or gateways to make phone calls. That’s important, but not enough. The industry needs services that are fostered by WebRTC.

I truly hope that by the time the next WebRTC Conference and Expo rolls around we’ll see the vendors move away from call-only demos and start showing products and services relating to truly innovative, value-added services.

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