LTE Asia Focus on Applications. Finally.

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LTE Asia Focus on Applications. Finally.


A couple of weeks ago, I spoke at the Signaling Focus Day of LTE Asia.  I spoke about the evolution of the Diameter Signaling Controller beyond just a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) to one that includes the Interworking Function (IWF) so that value-added services can be enabled.  If you want to see my talk, please find it on Slideshare here.  Alan Quayle, who chaired the Signaling Day, has written a nice blog on LTE Asia and the Signaling Day in general.

LTE World Series; however, represent much more than Diameter and the Signaling Focus Day.  And I was happy to see that this event has moved from the focus on Diameter towards applications and innovation because ultimately that is what is going to help make money for operators.  Featured at LTE Asia was a TADMeetup that Alan ran, which was structured around application demos, and an Innovation Accelerator session. 

The application focus was very evident to me when we embarked on the Executive Speed Networking sessions.  The discussions were wide-ranging from our signaling offers to our IMS enabled media servers (which are critical for deploying value-added services on LTE networks) to IMS solutions and upgrading from NGN to 2nd gen NGN or IMS solutions.

According to the GSA, there are now 331 commercially launched LTE Networks.   That’s great. But in order for these networks to be more than just mobile on-ramps to the Internet where subscribers pay access, applications are going to be key.  VoLTE is a start, but bringing other value-added applications to these networks are critical.  LTE Asia helped bring some focus to that.

If you haven’t read our IMS white paper yet, you may download it here to learn how to deploy these value-added services on LTE networks.


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