Outlining the FUture of SEamless COmmunication at FUSECO

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Jim Machi

Outlining the FUture of SEamless COmmunication at FUSECO


Next week Dialogic will be on a panel at the Fuseco Forum in Berlin, which is a forum about the “future of seamless communication”.  We’re on the “Towards 5G” panel with Vodafone, Orange, Telenor and the European Commission, which should be interesting.  5G today is a nebulous set of letters since I can’t send you someplace to read about the specs since no specs exist today.  5G is a concept that seems to have sprung from “OK, We Rolled out LTE, Now What’s Next?” coupled with “A Major Mobile Next Gen Network Comes Along Every 10 Years, So We Need the Next One in 2020”.  Etiher way, it’s 5G.  Obviously, 5G will be about speed, but 5G will also be about servicing other needs such as Cloud and NFV. 

By 2020, we should be in full swing with moving telecommunications infrastructure towards cloud and NFV.  The networks should be architected to take advantage of that.  We’ll be able to talk about the movement of infrastructure to NFV since Dialogic has a program around that.

In the 5G world apps will be important.  Yes, people will want download videos, movies, in seconds and want to watch them.  And that’s cool but again it’s just a fast bit pipe.  To more fully take advantage of the networks, communications applications are critical.  And given the move to NFV, I would think a very highly scalable software-based media server that will run in conjunction with the communications apps will be critical to a 5G network.  We’re looking forward to it.

I’ll share developments from Berlin along with highlights from this seamless communications event in a later post.


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