Value-Added Services in the VoLTE World - Enterprises

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Value-Added Services in the VoLTE World - Enterprises

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From an enterprise value-added services perspective, voice conferencing could be a good one.  Enterprises still need to host conferences, so conferences that can be on-demand would provide value. Adding video to a voice conference, and enabling collaboration to that conference, would be even better.  Expanding out a traditional service like this is a good example of a VAS that a service provider could offer and get paid for.  The on-demand piece above is crucial.  This is an example of a cloud-based offering that can scale up and down.  So applications that can live in clouds where enterprises can pay more or less depending on usage is a part of the new era of applications.

Enterprise themselves would also be ripe for different kinds of value-added services.  Call recording is becoming the norm for just about everything now so cloud-based call recording is clearly a value-add.  Adding video to the IVR in the form of visual IVR are also examples of services that would need to be added.

In short, there is still a large opportunity for value-added services with advanced networks like LTE.  Even though these are data networks, and there will be applications on these networks from third parties that are not offered through the mobile service provider, the mobile service provider still will provide value-added services to both individual subscribers and enterprise.  They will just be different than the “traditional” services.

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