As an enterprise, why you should care about 5G

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As an enterprise, why you should care about 5G

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As an enterprise, why should you care about 5G?  I mean, after all, it means new phones, new bring your own device, new payment plans, etc.  A potential headache since all the other new mobile improvements have inevitably meant that to the IT manager.

However, let’s think about this a little differently.  If indeed, 5G speeds and latency are what they say they are (theoretically up to 1000 faster than LTE) then we are talking about a game changer with respect to enterprise connectivity.  It means your enterprise can be connected not with a landline connection like it is now, but over the air.   So what?  Well, it likely means you don’t have to wait for (name your carrier) to put in the Trunk, or upgrade some infrastructure.   A small cell can handle your enterprise now.

However, the big impact is really in the applications.  Now, over wireless, there will be a huge change in how you conduct business.  A conference call can be easily be video now.  And you can send video or massive amounts of data quickly, so if there is a need to get data from one place to another, or to have a video call, then it can happen right then and there.  Think about all the times you’ve said “I’ll get that to you once I get back to my desk and can send it”.  You can send it or interact right then and there on the phone.

For us everyday types, Unified Communications will become different I would also think.  Right now, UC is basically presence, texting, file sharing, and some video.  But the video, even on landlines, is spotty as best.  So we’ll see huge changes in how we communicate each other when 5G comes out.

With 5G, would we even need an enterprise network?  Could a network slice do it for you?

So pay attention, see when it’s coming, see if your enterprise infrastructure can handle that. And at some point in time, take more control over your enterprise

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