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July 2018

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Enterprise Data Traffic Trends

July 29, 2018


The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) report is a great place to look for internet data trends.  I took a look recently at this report to see what it said about business internet traffic trends.

Traffic within the corporate WAN is projected to grow at 10% CAGR through 2021. 

Edge Computing and the Impact on the Enterprise

July 24, 2018

Back in March, I wrote a blog on Edge Computing.  I received a few comments from readers, so I want to address them.

When I wrote the blog, I didn’t put an architecture diagram in there.  As indicated in the one I’m using this time, I’m not saying it’s an either/or situation with using hosting or CPE based infrastructure for an enterprise business application.  

The Unique role of the Service Provider with a SmartHome

July 16, 2018


As last week's blog described, a SmartHome is a complicated place today.  A service provider could tie all of these different SmartHome networks together in the form of an IoT / AI / WiFi / LTE / 5G hub that could control all of these functions from a single software application. The software application would be able to control different Smart devices but also enable them to work seamlessly in either a WiFi or mobile context. 

The SmartHome, The Service Provider, and Connectivity

July 9, 2018

The SmartHome market is important for consumers for many reasons - energy savings, additional security and improved quality of life to name a few.  But these benefits do not come for free, in fact according to a GSMA whitepaper, consumers globally will be spending as much as $121 billion on the smart home market.   And while security companies and internet search companies have so far led the SmartHome market charge, it is still a very fractured market because of the myriad of offers and complexity of using all of these services. There is a huge opportunity to “make it simple” and “make it work”. 

Part 3 of Pros and Cons of Hosted vs. CPE Phone Systems

July 4, 2018

In part 2 of this series I discussed price. Now let’s wrap up this series and talk about Unified Communications, features and quality. So what kind of Unified Communications options are we talking about nowadays? UC at its most basic level is voice, email and presence/IM capability in an application.  

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