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August 2018

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The Status of WebRTC

August 28, 2018

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about the status of WebRTC.   And quite a bit has happened in that time.   One thing that hasn’t changed is that I believed then, and I still do now, that WebRTC is the technology basis and the “future” of Real Time Communications.  But back when I last wrote about it, Microsoft wasn’t quite on board yet, nor was Apple. 

Is It Possible to Outgrow an Open-source PBX?

August 21, 2018

Due to cost, many small businesses have started with an Open-source PBX such as Asterisk and FreePBX.  But once you have that in place, is it possible that you might need to move to a more business oriented solution – one that is supported?  In other words, is it possible you might outgrow what you started with?

Open-source PBXs are great for the right customer.  

Internet Trends and the Impact on Enterprise Communications

August 6, 2018

You might be wondering why last week I wrote about the Cisco VNI and this week I’m writing about the Mary Meeker report.  I’m doing some strategic planning, which results in me reading a bunch of reports like this to help.  Since I’m in the middle of this and it’s on my mind, I figure I’ll just send off a few key points, with some mild analysis. 

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