Pet Peeves of TV

For IPTV to be successful, it will need to solve some of the most common Pet Peeves of plain ordinary TV. My personal Pet Peeves include:

1) Bad channel search capabilities

2) Lousy and limited content

3) Unstable cable (VOD crashing, etc.)

4) Remote controls that are not powerful enough

5) Slowness of the interface, ugly interfaces, and clunky UI

6) Non-intuitive settings, confusing menus, etc.

7) Not child friendly

8) No personalization, no way to ulpoad content

9) Easy to use content filters (blocking porn, etc.)

10) No plug-and-play STB or easy set-up and maintenance

There are others, but I think some, or all, of these need to be fixed for IPTV to really be successful and differentiating. On quick glance, I believe 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 and 9 will be the easiest for IPTV to improve upon, if designed properly. The other challenges might take some more time, and may not be uniquely addressed by the capabilities of IPTV.

-Rob Nadon



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I agree with Rob. PLUS I have a few peeves of my own. BEGIN RANT:It has to do with how many bits are being delivered to the screen in what is being touted as HDTV. I was so excited to get HDTV after spending thousands on a great Samsung LCD. I use the HDMI connection and TADA! a whopping 13 HDTV channels. Most of the time the HDTV channels are not even HD and the ones that are look great as long as they broadcast static images or talking heads. But as soon as the image moves...look out...pixelation and picture break-up. I can't wait for DirectTV to start advertising against cable in how many kpbs they deliver. They yake it for granted that the general public doen't even know what HDTV is supposed to look like, but just because it is digital does not mean that the picture is better than analog. In some cases it can be much worse! I can't wait for BluRay to come down in price just so I can watch 1080P and see what my Samsung is really capable of...END RANT.

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