TV viewing time to grow faster than web?

A recent report from Bain & Company covered in a Reuters story suggests that US viewers will watch an additional 2 hours of TV per week by 2012.  The drivers behind this growth?  Growth in video-on-demand choices & the use of digital video recorders. Alternatively, the use of internet usage (i,e outside the home) will only grow by .5 hr per week. This brought to mind a bunch of questions:

  • will the interactivity & personalization capabilities promised by IPTV factor into this?
  • would this finding hold in Europe & Asia?
  • does this represent a substition effect of video rentals for TV services?  in other words, net-net, is the amount of time spent watching TV holding constant but the delivery mechanism is changing (from DVD rental/purchase) to VoD?
  • is there viewing segmentation based on content type?  for example, do subscribers accept 'good enough' distribution (i,.e, mono sound, small screen for programming like the news) versus needing 'premium' distribution for a sporting event in HDTV with surround sound?

I'll look into this a bit more & see what I can find.

--- Kirk Edwardson

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Tv viewing growth isn't surprising if you combine mobile, wireless, free, univerisity access, plus many tv stations opting to place programmes online as well as tv.

With the option of intergrated web and intertactive channels through domestic home view on tv available.

Also the ability to download and connect a media device to view material as well on a tv set.

This shouldn't be surprising.

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