gHome Improves Google Voice

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gHome Improves Google Voice

Last week, TMCnet’s Charles West broke the news regarding TELTUB introducing gHome which links up with your Google Voice account as well as Facebook to allow $5/month calling after a free trial. Yesterday, TMCnet’s Tom Keating reviewed the gHome service with a SIP softphone from Ekiga and he was very happy with the fact that using iHome you can get all the Google Voice features and use any SIP device. And if you’ve seen how many SIP devices Tom has here at TMC HQ, you’d understand the reason for his happiness. :)

Tom’s review is extremely detailed and worth a read… In it for example, he explains how you can integrate the service with your iPhone.


In two weeks at StartupCamp 3: Comms Edition, collocated with ITEXPO – you’ll get to hear a keynote address from Craig Walker the cofounder of GrandCentral Communications – the company Google acquired and turned into Google Voice. In addition, you will hear a keynote from Wesley Chan of Google/Google Ventures where he helped to start, launch, and grow Google Analytics and Google Voice.

At the conference, you’ll learn about how other startups made it and enjoy a Q&A panel. Moreover, you’ll get to hear from new startups who give pitches and get graded (with live room for improvement) by the expert panel of judges including Larry Lisser, founder of Embrase Business Consulting – the company partnering with TMC to put on StartupCamp 3: Comms Edition.