Hookflash for iPad Launches

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Hookflash for iPad Launches

Hookflash is skipping the iPhone and jumping right to the larger screen iPad to offer their feature-rich peer-to-peer communications and social media app. This goes to the heart of an article I've been thinking about  for months about how the iPad could replace the desktop phone. But that is an article for another day.

Hookflash for iPad is like a softphone application on steroids featuring  group video conferencing, group messaging, and participant profiles automatically created from information derived from business and social networks. You can also think of Hookflash as a "business" version of Skype, which tends to be more "consumer" focused.

Users can set up group video calls with Hookflash from the iPad with a simple swipe of the finger. They can also exit and re-enter conference calls while the other participants continue to interact.  One really cool feature is that a user can start a second group call, and then merge the two calls together. It's using an open peer-to-peer system they developed called OpenPeer.

They are offering this as a fremium model where some features are free, while you pay for others. Pricing hasn't been disclosed, but features include:
  • One-on-one and group video, voice and chat;
  • View all active conversations in one place;
  • Merge together or divide active group text, voice and video conversations, with a simple swipe of the finger;
  • View real-time social and business profiles right inside Hookflash;
  • Transfer calls at the click of a button;
  • Record and share previously captured conversations--voice, video and chat.
  • Always know who’s participating
Hookflash can pull information from business and social services such as SalesForce.com, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., Hookflash creates real-time profiles of all participants on a call.  By simply clicking on a participant’s picture, other users can immediately know about a person’s business affiliations, location and contact information.  Additionally, Twitter streams, Facebook postings and other social insight are available without ever having to leave Hookflash to use another application.

Hookflash calls can be recorded, which is another nice feature. I actually learned about Hookflash, from pal Erik Lagerway, a former prolific VoIP blogger when he presented Hookflash at StartupCamp3 colocated at a previous ITEXPO.

Hookflash will be available as a limited preview in October 2011. I'm on the beta list, so I hope to review is as soon as ITEXPO is over. jumpy-happy-smiley