Spam Soap - The MSP-Friendly Cloud-based Messaging Service Provider

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Spam Soap - The MSP-Friendly Cloud-based Messaging Service Provider

At ITEXPO, I met with Eric Pinto, sales engineer from Spam Soap, a cloud-based messaging service provider. Founded in 2002, back in the early cloud days, Spam Soap pioneered the use of the MX record email filtering model. Today, Spam Soap has thousands of customers worldwide using a range of cloud-based messaging services, including, anti-virus filtering, anti-spam filtering, preserving business continuity, protecting confidential information, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

They currently have 900 channel partners and are very much channel-centric and leverage Managed Service Providers (MSPs). They'll point  direct end-users that come to them to a MSP. This is especially important for customers that need hand-holding and want a customized solution. Spam Soap targets SMBs ranging from 5-500 users.

One feature is the ability to offer archiving (up to 7 years), including an encryption option. They also have excellent business continuity functionality. The customer points their MX record to Spam Soap, so email is delivered their first before it is spooled down to the customer's local primary email server. If Spam Soap detects that the primary email goes down it gives users access to their email remotely from their servers. Once the primary email server is back online, it obviously pushes the emails down. Spam Soap is email-server agnostic, so the customer can be using Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, or any other email server.

Spam Soup competes with Google Postini as well as Microsoft Office365. Eric pointed out in the case of Office365, Microsoft is the person collecting the billing direct from the customer. The MSP would have to charge an additional fee on top of the monthly bill the customer is charged from Microsoft. This is not very channel-friendly. Eric mentioned that their solution is often bundled by MSPs with other solutions, so the customer gets an all-in-one solution with a single bundled bill from the MSP.

Another important feature is content and attachment scanning - both inbound and outbound. Not only can it detect viruses (McAfee engine), but it can look for competitive business keywords or phrases, such as someone trying to hire away talent or forwarding confidential information. On a related note, McAfee named Spam Soap 'SaaS Partner of the Year - North America'.

Spam Soap has comprehensive anti-spam features including the ability for users to whitelist contacts. Importantly, you can set certain groups (i.e. Sales) to never block an email and send a NDR (Non-Delivery Receipt) - but simply tag the subject, i.e. [Possible spam]. Also, emails can also be encrypted to prevent interception. Spam Soap is exhibiting at ITEXPO in Miami this week.