Zultys MX Release 7.0 Unified Communications Release Adds Android Support

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Zultys MX Release 7.0 Unified Communications Release Adds Android Support

At ITEXPO in Miami, Zultys today announced their latest UC software offering mobility features for Android, call center enhancements, and third-party CRM integrations. The latest major firmware release for the MX platform, MX Release 7.0 Unified Communications Software is a secure, all-in-one SIP-based IP phone system that is highly scalable and highly customizable. This version also includes enhancements to SIP security. 

Zultys introduced Zultys Mobile Communicator for iPhone and Blackberry users in MX Release 6.0. In MX Release 7.0, Zultys adds support to Android-powered devices. Mobile workers using Android may leverage the same real-time Unified Communications (UC) features as their on-premises and Blackberry/iPhone-using counterparts, essentially transforming their mobile smartphone into a fully featured business phone.

Key features of the Zultys Mobile Communicator for Android include:

  • Presence, access to company directories, call log, secure IM, single-number contact and more
  • Advanced call handling features, including hold and transfer

MX Release 7.0 enhances support for Salesforce.com Communicator and the Outlook Communicator. The enhanced Salesforce.com Communicator supports multiple call appearances and the latest Web browsers such as Firefox 4.0+ and Internet Explorer 8+. Zultys’ Salesforce.com Communicator is now featured on the Salesforce.com Appxchange. Both Communicators allow contact center agents to selectively log into queues and to use any phone in the world as their office phone, ensuring that companies are able to reap the benefits of a distributed workforce.


MX Release 7.0 users are able to tailor the MXIE Unified Communications client interface according to user preferences. Users may reposition toolbars and windows such as address book, call log, voice mail, contact center queues and many more to any location on the main screen. Windows may be docked into tabs to ensure efficient use of screen space, or kept separate to provide immediate visibility of the most important information. In addition, the new Zultys Quick Contact bar with its intelligent filtering enables users to instantly search all address books for a contact's name or number, then call or send an IM directly from the Quick Contact bar.

SIP Security Enhancements

The MX system actively monitors network packets and dynamically blocks suspicious traffic while also remaining invisible to hacking attempts. System administrators may now implement tighter Network Admission Control policies through the introduction of Trusted/Untrusted network classifications and configurable Denial of Service attack detection thresholds. The built-in security features ensure that Zultys customers can confidently deploy Internet-connected tele-workers and SIP trunking services without needing to purchase expensive third-party SIP-aware firewalls or manage complex network architectures.

MX Release 7.0 adds to the aforementioned vast list of benefits with a variety of additional unique features and functionalities:

  • Multiple Music on Hold Playlists—Enables each contact center queue or group of users to have a unique music playlist for parties on hold, park and in queue (especially useful in situations where a single MX serves multiple distinct businesses). Effectively, the system now supports 64 music sources.
  • Voice mail enhancements—Provides options for announcement-only voice mailbox and auto-deletion of voice mail messages
  • Integrated Contact Center functionalities

o   SuperView, Zultys' real-time statistics monitoring screen for contact centers, now enables supervisors to pick and choose which real-time statistics they see and the order in which the information is displayed.

o   Report Scheduler for MXreport enables report customization and automatic, scheduled delivery to a user's email in-box (or saved to the user's computer or network) every day, week, month, etc.

Pricing and Availability

MX Release 7.0 will be available in February. Existing customers with a current software subscription are eligible for free access to the upgrade.