eBay Now Gets Serious in NYC

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eBay Now Gets Serious in NYC

The home delivery market could be huge as predicted back in the dotcom days when companies like WebVan and Peapod were springing up faster than Android produces device variants today. Who comes to mind when you think of home delivery in the world of tech? Certainly Amazon, Google and more recently Wal-Mart.

But eBay? Sure, the news broke this past August they are doing delivery trials in San Francisco but all the way on the other side of the US in slightly less liberal New York the company is ramping up its home delivery service and if you happen to be in certain parts of "Gotham City" and head into a Starbucks, you will might run into someone handing you a flyer pictured in this post which offers free eBay Now delivery and $15 off your first order.

I ran into an articulate spokesperson for the company today in Manhattan and she was extolling the benefits of the new service. As we spoke, others came to her and thanked her for the flyers she had handed out as they entered the coffee shop earlier.

One thing is for certain, the delivery wars are heating up and while guerrilla marketing is a great strategy, I suppose a far larger home delivery marketing war is about to unfold. For media companies looking to fill the holes left empty after a bountiful election advertising season, this could be just the replacement business they need.