Age of Acceleration Literally Center Stage at ITEXPO

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Age of Acceleration Literally Center Stage at ITEXPO

You may have seen my article in a multi-day USA Today insert recently where the topic was the Age of Acceleration. In it I detailed how the world is moving faster and technology is playing a crucial role in allowing us to keep up. Some in fact are ahead of the curve. Of course when you are in a race to arm your decision-makers with relevant information, minutes and sometimes seconds count.


The response to this piece was so great we decided to follow up this article with a live discussion at ITEXPO in a keynote panel with some of the brightest thought-leaders I know in the market.

Carl Ford – the man is a genius and was the content guy behind the VON events and knows telecom like I know a buffet. Larry Lisser – a top consultant to startups – he knows telecom and datacom from his many years in the trenches. Erik Linask heads up my editorial team at TMC – he has had more press briefings with the telecom and datacom industry than just about anyone I know and has years of relevant analyst and editorial experience. Peter Bernstein is a senior editor on the TMC team and brings decades of experience to the market. He was a top analyst before he joined us and we are thrilled to provide his insight regularly to you. Phil Edholm was the CTO at Nortel and Avaya – he is one of the brightest product guys and visionaries in the market.

We plan to make this session very interactive – it takes place Thursday, Jan 31st at 9:00 and it is guaranteed to be one of the most interesting sessions of the show. Sure this a bold statement when you consider we have a past FCC Commissioner and the man who fired Steve Jobs keynoting as well – but hey, I’ve never been known for making predictions which weren’t bold. Perhaps my boldest to date was predicting the Y2K bug panic was overblown.

But getting back to the show – we are very excited to be hosting you in Miami and that isn't just because the temperature differential between Florida and Connecticut is 90 degrees when you factor in the wind chill.